Here at the Palace Garden we are not content to settle for being just another Chinese restaurant – we want to be the best – which is probably why we recently received a 10 out of 10 rating from The Lifestyle Magazine.

In 1985, The Palace Garden was an award-winning restaurant and was even featured in The Good Food Guide. Back then Peter Cheng was the proprietor and now he has returned and triumphantly restored the restaurant to its former glory.

Offering a delicious array of Szechuan, Malaysian, Cantonese and Pekinese cuisine we guarantee you’ll find our menu so enticing that choosing which dish to eat will be nothing short of a labour of love.

However it’s not just the quality of our food that sets the Palace Garden apart but also the attractive dining environment which we have to offer you. Our recently remodelled interior décor is certainly pleasing to the eye, with calming water features and an intricate stone staircase to greet you upon your arrival. The walk to your table will see you cross over a trickling stream complete with fish – a true touch of the original.

The Palace Garden is dedicated to providing real hospitality - on arrival you will be immediately shown to our intimate bar-side seating area where you will have a chance to look at our elegantly displayed menu and sample some complementary prawn crackers.

We have an extensive dining room, bar, lounge and an elegant upper function room that is an ideal setting for luncheon or dinner parties. So if you’re planning a special event, Palace Garden is the perfect venue for you.

We combine our excellent food and dining environment with a great range of available drinks. Our impressive wine list contains an unbeatable choice of red, white and sparkling wines, plus champagnes, perfect for that special occasion. Whether you’re a wine buff or not, our easy to use wine-guide will be invaluable in helping you pick the perfect complement to your meal.

So why don’t you make a date to visit The Palace Garden yourself and see exactly why we’re rated 10 out 10 - we’re open from 12.00pm everyday until 11.15pm.

To make a reservation call us on 0191 221 2888 to avoid being disappointed.

We’re conveniently located at the following address where you will find ample parking:

Address:   45 – 51 Stowell Street
    Newcastle upon Tyne
    NE1 4YB
Telephone:   0191 221 2888
Fax:   0191 221 2886
Email:   info@palacegarden.co.uk